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National Patient Feedback Challenge: continuing production of a series of films and events for ‘Both Sides NOW’, an 'innovation initiative' exploring and discussing patient engagement and patient experience for the NHS, with medical practitioners; facilitating and chairing round-table discussions and capturing these processes audio/visually.
Films: ,

C3Health: ‘Healthy Island?’: produced short taster film of living evidence on the Isle of Dogs (home of Canary Wharf) in east London, produced for health authorities and planners, focusing on inequalities of health and well-being

London’s Air Ambulance: production of a promotional film for this unique service.

Glasgow and Caledonian University London’s Masters course in Public Health programme: Seminars on engagement via communication and media with healthcare providers and communities, and production of a film and stimulus for Masterclass 

PATHS2 (Partnerships for Transforming Health Systems) NigeriaDesigned and delivered the communications and media output of this major DFID funded Programme. NMN focused on providing strategic support and developing the capacity at federal and state level for decision makers, healthcare providers and media houses to build informed debate and dialogue, and communicate more effectively so that citizens could make informed choices about prevention, treatment, and care.


7 x audio visual documentaries for national broadcast accompanied by capacity building of media professionals
Design and delivery of Ask Nigeria, a nation-wide consultative process using audio visual techniques.
Design and delivery of online strategies and accompanying training programmes for Nigeria’s Federal and State Ministries of Health

Designed KNOW-WATER, a communication initiative in Democratic Republic of Congo for Radio Okapi and partners. Commissioned by Communication for Social Change and working with the United Nations (MONUC) to bring the most in need to the heart of public discussion and planning on issues relating to water and sanitation.

Conducted a game-changing review of communications and media activity for India’s Global Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI), and developed new approaches to communications to provide further support for the PEI to deliver an effective immunisation campaign for Nigeria, in partnership with the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and USAID.

Teaching on seminars for Glasgow and Caledonian University’s Masters course in Public Health programme and production of a film on Public Health and Social Action as curriculum contribution and stimulus for Masterclass.