Training for Real

New Media Networks created SpaceTrade - a pilot project for young people to explore enterprise through the creative industries. SpaceTrade was a 'training for real initiative' designed for young people from the ages of 14 to 19 from disadvantaged backgrounds and at risk of being without education, employment or training. Funding was given by the former London Thames Gateway Development Corporation to develop the pilot and deliver it with Tower Hamlets College. Follow this link to see it in action: SpaceTrade

Through the project, they formed a student company 'T-Design' as the first creative enterprise run by students. They started with T-Designs; T-shirt design, production and marketing via YouTube and Facebook. With support from tutors, business mentors and New Media Networks, they collaborated, learnt business skills, promoted and sold their own creative work in markets across east London. The work has continued and is now regularly produced, available and sold from a permanent stall in the College foyer. 

New Media Networks has been invited to return to the college to collaborate with the Creative Industries faculty on three new projects, 'Asserting our voice' working with young women, self-advocacy and leadership, 'International Traditions' a communication project focusing on inter-cultural traditions and 'Difference and Inclusion' – young people performaning their poetry to live audiences to share ideas and explore common social issues.